Hello there! I am the Fay Dixon. 

I create fun, cheeky and memorable cards and prints, that you will love to share.

I am based in Stafford, but a proud farmers daughter from the Yorkshire Dales. I studied Web Design at university, although my heart was always with Graphic Design.  

From an early age, I can remember making homemade cards for my parents birthday

I started my first business in November 2014 with the name of Accio Love (Accio ~ a harry potter 'summoning' spell.  Making Custom Waterslide Nail Decals and then started to dabble with Handmade Greeting Cards and Jewellery. 

In 2017, I decided to close Accio Love down for a bit of a break and focus on me.  I bought a house and had a re-organise of my life. Then in June 2017, I decided it was time to re-open as Fay Dixon Design.