How To Use Nail Decals

The great thing about Waterslide Decals is that they are super easy to use!

For some people the addition to water or scissors might scare them off, but don't be deterred. Waterslide Decals are not just for nails, they can be used on most hard surfaces.  If you would like custom Waterslide Decals, drop me a message.

Always double check the instructions as some supplier instructions may differ. However, I always tell my customers the following steps (if you are not using decals on nails please follow these loosely depending on the product:

  1. Cut out each Decal that you want to use
  2. Place the decal in a small container of water and wait for 30 seconds
  3. Place the decal on to your finger, picture side up
  4. Slide the design from the backing onto your nail
  5. Mop up any excess water with a cotton bud/pad or brush 
  6. Apply a clear coat of varnish on top
  7. Repeat for each Nail

    Top Tips

    • Paint nails a very light colour or white, so that you can see the Decal design
    • Keep topping up your top coat to ensure your nails don't chip and to keep the design for longer
    • Experiment!


    Top Questions

    What can Decals be applied to?

    Decals can be applied to any hard surface, such as plastics and glass. 

    The Decal picture has rubbed off :(

    Sounds like you should have applied another layer of topcoat or a thicker gel top coat.  This can happen over time, poor coating.

    The Decal won't come away from the backing?

    Just pop the decal back into the water for a couple more seconds, and it should just slip off.