Custom Waterslide Decals

cacti and succulent nails

If you would prefer something more personal for your Nail Decals, or want to use the decals on another object, but I don't offer the right packs currently.  Why not order some custom Waterslide Decals.

Over the years my waterslide decals have been used on figurines, rubix cube and many more objects and custom decals have been created for companies, other designers and salons.


Looking for waterslide decal application instructions?

Random Shapes Nail Decals in Packaging



Prices start from £5 for a A7 sheet full of Waterslide Decals (postage needs to be added on), depending on the complexity of the design. For Nail Decals an A& sheet can fit around 50 to 70 images.

Unfortunately, I will only print images that are copyright to you, this means i will not print:

  • Celebrity faces
  • Characters and logos from films and tv

unless you have the copyright to the images.

But I will print:

  • Your own Company Logo
  • Your drawings (scanned, photoshop or illustrator files etc)
  • Pictures of your family that you have taken
  • my designs scaled up


If you are using the Waterslide Decals on other objects, all you have to is apply them as normal and add a layer of clear varnish to secure them.

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