Diary of a Biz Owner: My Market Essentials

Diary of a Biz Owner: My Market Essentials

I wanted to give a little insight into some of my market essentials that I have with me, to make sure I am covered for all eventualities. I have been doing markets for over 7 years now and a lot of these I have picked up from other traders or through having a small emergency myself.

To cart all my bits, I use strong boxes and a few bags, and then other bits are big enough to handle myself (by my boyfriend)

I have a bag with a few random larger items. Like display frames, easels, here's a few more essentials:
  • bin bags - not everywhere has bins and a bag behind the stall can save a lot of trips to bins in the area
  • bags for customers - a lot of customers bring their own bags these days, but some forget of have already filled the bags, so its good to have some extras. I use paper bags now, and stamp them with my company logo.
  • big clips of different sizes for securing things and cable ties (really useful for outdoor markets) - for securing things and when its raining its good to use a clip so there isnt a stream of water.

I usually but the next section of items in a box together, kind of like an admin box. Its built over a number of years

  • Stationery: sharpie, pens, scissors and paper, sellotape, black tape and glue dots
  • price list, duplicates and blanks - you never know where they disappear
  • fairy lights and spare batteries - some markets/gazebos can be really dark and shaded so I use fairy lights to brighten things up. Bring some spare batteries too
  • business cards, stickers and extras
  • paracetamol - you never know when a headache will hit you
  • lip balm -
  • plastic cutlery - If you get food from other sellers there may not be cutlery, so a have a couple of sets
  • hot chocolate sachets, juice pod -. i have had a juice pod in my box for a while, as I'm not a fan of plain water. But, on a Christmas event a few years ago my neighbour gave me a hot chocolate sachet, which is useful for cold days.
  • change and card machine (sum up) (my lip balm actually lives in this box)
  • kitchen towel or similar - I have turned up to some grim tables, that i have then had to clean myself and sometimes people spill things
  • battery pack to charge phone or card readers
  • notepad - to track purchase and make notes
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