Redesigning Cards: Monochrome to Colour

Redesigning Cards: Monochrome to Colour

Just over a year ago, I decided that it was time to redesign some of my favourite greeting card designs, that I originally design in black and white. While these designs were successful, I printed them off at home and was never happy with the quality that was coming out of the printer.

Of course, this is a giant task as I had at least twenty different designs and wanted to do brand new designs (not just colour my old designs). I can't work on my business through the day because I work full-time as well, so had to try and do one every week or so. 

Well, I've had quite a few of these designed, and printed out for a while, so I thought it was time to write a little about them.

Here are some of my favourite re-designs so far:

Thanks for wiping my Bum

This is still one of my favourite ever phrases, unfortunately some boring people are baffled by the phrase and ask why someone would by this card.

You can buy this fun card here


Ay Up Duck

Decided to jazz this design up with a bright orange duck.

Eventually, I want to design all my animal cards like this


You can buy this for your duck here


Fuck you're Old

After about three other different versions, countless hours on those crap versions and the final one took a while too. I absolutely love this one, possibly a bit too pink for guys, so might need to create another colourway

I created the borders with the symmetry guides in procreate so, they both sides are the same.

You can buy this card for your old friend here


Thanks, I turned out Perfect


You can buy this perfect card here


There are a few more designs, that I couldn't fit in this blog and I am still redesigning some other favourites. so look out for those in the coming months. 


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