100 Day Project: Day 1-20

100 Day Project: Day 1-20

I've been thinking of a new blog post for ages but didn't realise a potential subject has been under my nose for the last 40 days. I thought it would be nice to show all my #100daysofdoodlesbyfay in 20 day sections, with a small summary on what went through my head.

After #MarchMeetTheMaker, I was looking for another challenge, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do though, I wanted to draw more but thought I didn't want to be stuck on a giant challenge.

I saw a few options including 30DaysOfType but that was a bit restrictive for what I wanted to do.

I saw the 100DayProject, was a little bit worried because 100 days is a bloody long time, I might get bored or miss a day (which I would get annoyed by). But, then thought about the advantages; lots of potential new designs, a post a day, practising doodles/drawing etc.

 The majority of the doodles are drawn in procreate (which I only started a few days before the project, because Karl had recently got an ipad)

Please do not use these images for your own designs, claim them as your own or share them without proper credit to me. There are watermarks on all images so I will know.

 A few links have been added where I have made the drawings into products.

Day 1 - these first two days were done one after the other, I had forgotten to start the drawing and then had to think fast.


Day 2 - I think I had seen another fruit drawing and wanted to try out the symmetrical pattern, so this was one of the first patterns I did. I think it looks great.


Day 3 - one thing I want to start drawing more is more relatable and motivational quotes, that people can share out.

 Available as a Badge and Mirror

 Day 4 - Not quite as happy with this one as some others. But I tried out lots of different brushes and made some cool effects.


Day 5 - I have an app called 'what to draw' and I tried it out to see if it would give me anything interesting. After a few random ideas, 'an astronaut wearing a tie' came up and so that's what I drew. I like how this one came out.


Day 6 - My first ever mandala, and it is a little bit different to a conventional one, because it's really hard to draw sometimes. Joining circles up or doing all the arches around the circle I was struggling with all in one layer.


Day 7 - just upping my motivational quotes one by one with this one.

Available as a Badge and Mirror


Day 8- this is another one of my favourites. I have been dying to draw more 'beings', but I do struggle, especially with faces. But practice makes perfect as they say. So, look out for a few more.

Available as a Badge and Mirror


Day 9 - I'm not sure if this is another what to draw idea, or just me doing an alternative tower for Rapunzel.


Day 10 - I love the look of everyone's floral letters so wanted to have a go at a negative one, this took a while to think of different flowers.


Day 11 - another motivational one

Day 12 - I had just seen a drawing of another animal with lines and swirls, and being a daughter of a sheep farmer, I had to try it out and do a sheep first out of all the animals. I really love how it came out, and have done a cow later one. Who knows what animal will be next.

Available as a Badge, mirror  and a tote bag

Day 13 - Been thinking of adding more lights into my garden, and really love old style big bauble style lights, like these

Available as a badge and Mirror

Day 14 - I have a mirror similar to this in my bathroom, and really one to get some dark gloomy jungle/forest wallpaper to go behind. I just had to put a snow white themed quote on the mirror in what could be lipstick too.

will be a badge soon


Day 15 - I saw some neon lights in this style, and loved the quote too because it's just tequila!


Day 16 - really loving doing little patterns every so often, its just a pain to think of a theme and then all of the items. This one is just purely random.


Day 17 - I think the previous night before I drew this I hadn't gotten much sleep, and I really don't like napping after work, but sometimes you need too.

Will be a badge very soon


Day 18 - just because it was easter and I was currently out of ideas


Day 19 - wanted to try out another face of a person. But this one didn't come out as I wanted, the face is a bit long and too big around the cheeks.


Day 20 - and another alternative mandala


 I hope you have enjoyed the round up of my first 20 images in my 100 day project. I have just finished the next 20 images, but you will have to wait another couple of weeks before I get that blog published.

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