100DayProject Days 21-40

100DayProject Days 21-40

If you haven't seen I am doing #100dayproject of doodles, you can check out my first blog of Days 1-20 here.

Days 21 to 40 of the #100dayproject involved a bit of experimentation. I tried drawing without lifting the pen, tried to make a picture with loads of patterns, Game of Thrones quotes and more summery drawings.

I enjoyed most of these days, and some of these are my favourites.  I probably spent the most amount of time on some of these doodles, so they were more like drawings.

Please do not use these images for your own designs, claim them as your own or share them without proper credit to me. There are watermarks on all images so I will know.

 A few links have been added where I have made the drawings into products.

Day 21 - I loved the sheep version like this, so much I created a cow (there will be a pig in the next blog)


Day 22 - fancied a little change from drawing. So I wrote out some lyrics for one of my favourite songs Goo Goo Dolls - Iris.


Day 24 - fab lollies were my childhood, then I started getting brain freezes and sensitive teeth.


Day 25 - fancied drawing a bit of a galaxy, with a nice quote on


Day 26


Day 27


Day 28 - didnt quite come out as I wanted, but maybe I'll try again with this idea next year.

Day 29 - wanted to create a few cute prints for Pedddle Online Market and this was one of them

Print: and suddenly all the love songs were about you - A4 print


Day 30 - all because I wanted to create another badge


Day 31 - was meant to make a card out of this, haven't done that yet


Day 32 - just a 'may' drawing


Day 33 - symmetrical pattern with art and craft supplies


Day 34 - really random pattern


Day 35 - the game of thrones quote that slightly broke my heart. What would ever happen to them?


Day 36


Day 37 - isnt this how we feel with every good tv series


Day 38

Day 39

Day 40

stay tuned for Days 41 to 60, which will be posted very soon.

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